15 Festival Essential "Non-essentials"

July 25, 2017

I just got back from my second year at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware.  After attending the festival the first time, I quickly learned what I really needed, what I could've used, and what I didn't need.  I went to Firefly for a second year feeling a lot more prepared, surprisingly with things that I would never have thought to bring.  So naturally, I compiled a list of the things I brought that were really f-ing useful.


1. A Hand Fan

Either a small, handheld, battery-powered fan, or a traditional, folding, hand-fan will do wonders in the intense heat at a music festival.


2. Baby Wipes

Especially if you won't have access to a shower every day, you're gonna need a pack of these.


3. Dry Shampoo

Showers at the campsite might be advertised, but they might make you pay, and you'll have to stand in a really long line.


4. A Bandana

Use these to wipe away sweat and cover your mouth and nose from dirt and smoke.  They're also a pretty cute accessory nowadays.


5. Waterproof watch

Not checking your phone for the time?? Wearing a watch?? Crazy. But smart.


6. A Lantern

I used this 100% of the time; I barely touched my flashlight.  Lanterns are a lot easier since you can just set it down in your tent or on a table.


7. Bathing suits

Wait what?? Yeah, bathing suits. You'll get hot and you'll get sweaty, so opting for a bathing suit instead of underwear is lowkey genius.


8. A Deck of Cards

Invite your neighbors over to your campsite and bond with your group while you're taking a break from the concerts.


9. Charcoal Grill

Trust me, you really don't want to spend a ton of money buying food once you're there.


10. A Polaroid Camera

Nothing says "I went to a music festival" than a handful of cute Polaroid pics!


11. Fake Eyelashes

It's hard to put on a full face of makeup when you're out and about 24/7, so a pair of falsies will do the trick all on their own!


12. Mio

Mixing Mio into your waterbottles is a lot more practical than bringing huge bottles of soda and plastic cups. You'll also stay a lot more hydrated!


13. Portable Phone Chargers

Charge your phone when you're at your campsite or when you're at the festival site, instead of spending time at a charging station or in your car.


14. Printouts of the Schedule

You can plan out what sets you want to see and when, and you won't have to spend time searching for it on your phone.


15. A Fanny Pack

You might be cringing now, but wait 'til you're at a concert and you're tired of having to lug around a bag to fit all of your stuff.

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