September 22, 2017

Being a member of my university's student programming board is the source of many of my amazing concert-related experiences.  This week, our Fall concert consisted of Misterwives, Smallpools, and Vinyl Theatre.  While I've worked concerts we've put on in the past, like Lil Dicky and Big Sean, this concert was very a different experience.  I was given the opportunity to take pictures of our members preparing for the concert all day, and I was also given a media pass to take pictures of the bands during their sets.


I've taken a bunch of photos at concerts before, but always with a small point and shoot camera, and never my DSLR camera.  I used a Nikon D3000 camera with a AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G lens, which is more of an entry-level model.  I set a high ISO and a low aperture with varying shutter speed as I took the pictures. 


The more I experimented with the different shutter speed and aperture settings, the better my pictures got.  Vinyl Theatre was basically my test-run, and I managed to get a few good ones.  Things went a little downhill during Smallpools's set, because their entire set involved very fast strobe lights that made it nearly impossible to capture any of the band members in good light.  Misterwives made up for it though, and I was able to get much clearer pictures.


I'm not gonna lie or hold back, I'm extremely proud of these pictures.  I think these came out so great considering I barely even know how to use the manual setting on my camera.  Being able to capture an amazing moment puts the biggest smile on my face, and this will definitely not be my last time photographing a concert.  I can't wait to better my camera skills as I learn and experiment more.


I've attached my favorites out of the 900 photos I took from the day-of-show, and they're completely unedited in order to show my real skill level.




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