My Social Media Pet Peeves

October 9, 2017

You guys already know my deal with social media.  I'm on it 24/7, and my first impression of anyone is usually based on their social media accounts.  There are definitely some things I catch that really bug me, and I just couldn't go without posting them.  Some of you may think I'm crazy for being so picky about what I see on my feed, but social media is a huge part of our lives, and I think we could all learn from a little constructive criticism now and then!

A lil disclaimer for ya:  These are just my opinions!  I'm not saying what's right or wrong in regards to what you post.



  • POSTING TOO OFTEN OR TOO LITTLE:  I think a good social media account should be updated at least a few times every month.  This is obviously my opinion, but I hate when people only post once every few months, or 4 times every day.  I just prefer a steady stream of posts from the people I follow, that's all!


  • NOT TAGGING THE MODEL, PHOTOGRAPHER, ETC:  I understand not tagging the photographer if it's an iPhone-quality pic taken at a social outing, but if we're having a legitimate shoot and you post a picture I've taken, I want the credit.  Any artist will be low-key pissed if they don't get credit.  This applies to fashion designers, makeup artists, and anyone else whose work is showcased in your photo.  Not only do we deserve recognition, but it is also a great opportunity for your followers to reach out to us if they like our work.


  • INSTA-GHOSTS:  This is the name I give to those followers who never like any of your posts.  They could be bots or real people, but they honestly bother me a lot.  I'll notice it a lot when I scroll through the people who view my Instagram stories:  There are some people who almost always view my story, but NEVER like my actual pictures.  What's the deal?


  • OVER-EDITING:  Homegirl, I know when you whiten everyone's teeth in photos.  And when you airbrush your dark circles.  I love Photoshop, but I try to refrain from using it unless I really need to get rid of acne or remove an object from the background.  I will never edit someone else's face unless they specifically ask me to. 


  • FIREWORK SNAPCHATS:  We're all guilty of posting videos on Snapchat whenever we see fireworks being set off.  Can we all collectively agree to stop, though?  I'm getting war flashbacks of clicking through everyone's snap stories on the 4th of July.


  • FOLLOWING TO UNFOLLOW:  Have you ever been followed by someone with thousands of followers and super cool pics?  You get all excited because you're like "omg, a famous person is following me" but then they unfollow you after a few days, or even a few hours?  These people take the time out of their day to follow random accounts in order to get more followers, then they'll go back and unfollow them all to keep their ratio chill.  I think it's so obnoxious.  If you don't intend on actually following me, leave me alone!


  • UNREALISTIC POSES:  Playing with your hair or laughing during a picture to make it look cute is one thing; contorting your body and acting in a completely unnatural way is something else.  I feel like this is something we did in middle school when we were first introduced to the concept of being "artsy".  We'd put our hands on our head as if we were fixing our hair, and we'd look dramatically off into the distance for literally no reason.  My principle is that if you wouldn't act like that normally, you shouldn't pose like that. 


  • RETWEET DEALS:  Okay, let me explain this one:  Popular Twitter accounts will make deals with other popular accounts to retweet two or three of each other's posts.  For example, I follow an account called "Travel", which posts aesthetic pictures from different travel destinations.  Every day, it will retweet a few pictures from other accounts like "DIY Foods" or "Tattoo Art" and keep these retweets up for a few hours, then delete them (I guess it's part of the deal).  I follow a few of these popular accounts, but they clog my feed with random retweets that I didn't sign up for!! 


  • POLITICAL POSTS:  This will probably be the one time I talk about politics on my blog.  Seeing too many political posts will either stress me out, get me really heated, or put me in a really depressed state of mind.  I know it's a real bad time for most of humanity right now, but if that's all you're gonna tweet about, I'm gonna unfollow you.  Whether or not I agree with what you're posting about, it's just not something I want to see every day.


  • THAT WEIRD NEW FACEBOOK STATUS FORMAT:  You know, the ones where you choose the color of the background and the color of the words and it takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space on your feed?  I just don't like them.  Why are they so in-your-face?  Why are they so extra?  I'm not about it.


Just to reiterate, please know that these are simply things that I don't like/agree with.  If you disagree with any of these points, that's totally fine!  It's your social media account, and I'm not trying to tell you what to do with it.

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