Germany Hates Me

January 24, 2018

Let me start off by saying this one thing: Germany and I are not friends.  



Alright. Round 2 of writing this post.


This past weekend, I visited Munich for the first real weekend of traveling for the semester. To be totally honest, it wasn't really on my list of places to visit, since I've already been to Berlin and Stuttgart. But, it was one of the closest places, and a lot of other groups were going, and I'm trying to be more open-minded, so I agreed. 


We got on a train from Lugano to Zurich, then we had to switch to a 6-hour train going from Zurich to Munich.

This, my friends, was where the first problem occurred. On the train to Zurich, we went to find our reserved seats, and there was a woman sitting in mine. I, being the confrontational American I am, pulled out my Eurail pass to show her that it was my seat that she was sitting in. She explained to me in broken English that she was only going a short distance. Okay, fine. You win, German airport woman. 


A little while after, the train guard comes over and checked our tickets, then proceeds to tell us "You're on the wrong train." Excuse me?!?  He then told us that we were actually in the wrong car, so we had to grab our luggage and make the long, embarrassing trek to our correct car, which was like 10 cars down the train. Stupid Americans, amiright?


We finally got to our hostel and it was pretty simple. Our cold and dimly-lit room had bunk beds and a single desk, but the staff was nice and we got free drink coupons for the bar! 


The first thing we did the next day was go to the town center, Marienplatz, to see the Glockenspiel show, which happens at 11am every day. It was basically this weird puppet thing where figurines just danced around to a creepy song like the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney World. Luckily enough, we ran into another group of Lugano kids there, and we all went to St. Peter's church to climb the tower to get a beautiful view of Munich. I only realized that I wouldn't be able to go up until after I paid for my ticket, because I have a knee injury, and trying to climb +300 winding stairs is not a good idea. I walked to the nearest coffee shop and sat there waiting for my friends.


After we all reunited, we decided to go to Hofbrauhaus for lunch, which is Munich's biggest beer garden. It was pretty packed, so we ended up sharing a table with a few guys from the U.K. They were actually really cool and friendly, and we ended up spending 3 hours there with them. The only problem? Ya girl doesn't drink beer. I was the only one sober af at the beer hall, and while I was mostly fine with it, I started to feel like either the mom of the group or the underaged little sibling you have to drag around. What was worse, the waiter brought me a beer, so I ended up having to pay $11 for a beer I ended up giving away. We ended up touring around with our new British friends, and then moved on to another beer hall for dinner.


By the time we got back to the hostel, we decided to redeem our free drinks at the bar. Unfortunately, the coupons had some limitations. Anyone wanna guess what they were only good for? That's right. Beer. At that point I was too sober and cranky, so we migrated to the hostel where the other group was staying, which was a lot better, let me tell ya. This was probably my favorite part of the trip, because we got to hang out with the other group of Lugano kids and the Brits. We should've stayed there instead of going to the club.


The club. I will never forget. This would've been a super fun night, because dancing is my favorite thing to do. For the first half of the night, I just danced and socialized with my friends, having completely forgotten about the minor annoyances that occurred throughout the day. Nothing could go wrong!! Long story short, I ended up losing the rest of my euros (do not keep money in your pocket, fools) and one of the guys we met basically stalked me all night. Why me???


The next day, I was in a bad mood. Too many small things were piling up, and I was getting irritated at the smallest things. Our hostel served a continental breakfast buffet, and all I wanted was some toast. So, I put bread in the toaster. I walked to get a plate. I came back, and alas, another guest is standing in front of the toaster waiting for her's to come out. It was like one of those revolving toasters so there were multiple pieces of bread in there. But, this girl did not just take her toast. She took my toast. And that, my friends, drew the line. I was not just angry. I was HANGRY. The worst kind of emotion.


Our last stop of the day was to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, which was a short bus ride away from where we were. I had an empty stomach, upset from the night before, and I had to stand during the bus ride, which made me feel sick enough to the point where I decided against touring the Site. This was more of a me problem, and I do regret not sucking it up and going.


The very last kick in the face by Germany: Since I had lost all of my euros from the previous night, I was relying on my credit card. Little did I know that all of the food places in the Munich train station didn't. take. cards. If being double-hangry is an emotion, I was it.


Honestly, if all of these stupid little things didn't happen to me, I think I would've loved Munich. The architecture was pretty, the town square was poppin', and I loved spending time with so many cool people. Looking at the pictures, videos, and ~good~ memories makes me wish I could've gone back and redone it, rather than saying "I'm never going back ever again." Regardless, Munich did give me plenty of good stories to tell, and I'm laughing as I look back on it.



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