VIDEO: Paragliding in Interlaken

April 15, 2018


Yesterday, I fell in love with paragliding. 


Interlaken, Switzerland, is home to many extreme outdoor sports, including paragliding, hang gliding, and sky diving. It's basically like a tradition that students on my study abroad program go to Interlaken on the last weekend of the semester to do one of these activities, so I chose to do paragliding. I was never really afraid of heights, so I was super excited to try out something new.


We chose to go with a company called Twin Paragliding. All of the instructors were super friendly and fun to talk to, and they provided transportation straight from the train station, then again to the top of the mountain. After a short walk, we reached the take-off point and got ready. My instructor took us down an off-beaten path to a remote take-off spot, and while I was a little nervous that no one else was around, all of my worries vanished when we took off.


Flying was like a dream. It didn't feel real at first. In fact, I felt like I was on that ride in Disney, Soarin', rather than actually flying around the Swiss Alps. I felt so safe and secure, and there was never a point where I was nervous about being so high up, or the idea of falling, or anything really. I spent a lot of the time chatting with my pilot about things like Netflix, videography, and traveling. Luckily, we had amazing weather and great winds for take-off. I was in the air for maybe 15 minutes, and I loved every second of it.


Call me crazy, but I'm going to do it again. I don't know when or where, but I know this is not the last time I'll be paragliding. I can't begin to explain the feeling I had up in the air, and I would love to be able to go paragliding on my own. One day, it'll happen. Just don't tell my parents.

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